"Relentless Love" by Joe Steven (Digital Download)

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Album Summary

On his debut album “Relentless Love”, Joe Steven delivers a suite of songs acknowledging a full spectrum of ideals, from romantic to divine, all centered in a powerful connections to the spirit. Songs like “Meant to Be” shine with its epic Journey-like rhythm and electric guitar solo that could very well be a love song, or an inspirational cry to a higher power. “With Me” and “Best Day of My Life” gravitate towards the acoustic arena rock-ballad side, that both strike at the heart with passionate lyrics and melodic phrases filled with sweeping strings and atmospheric dream-like keyboards. Joe Steven’s smooth, yet dynamic vocals in “You and I” focuses in on something more than a love song, but an anthem for human connection and affinity. Bringing his orchestrations and songs to life, the Singer-Songwriter collaborated with world-class musicians and engineers from around the world. Esther Abrami, an international award-winning concert violinist from London performs a majestic violin solo in "The Promise" and Cristina Suey, a rising star Cellist from Spain delivers a heartfelt performance in "Once in a Lifetime." Joe Steven's "Relentless Love" is an album that will elevate your soul to inspiring heights.

Track List:

  1. Relentless Love
  2. Meant To Be
  3. Starry Night
  4. With Me
  5. God of Wonders
  6. Best Day of My Life
  7. I Believe
  8. The Promise (Feat. Esther Abrami)
  9. You and I
  10. Into Your Arms
  11. Once in a Lifetime (Feat. Cristina Suey)
  12. Higher
  13. The Rose

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